Online Health Care Quality Programs


Program Highlights:

  • One of seven founding HCQ programs certified By CAHME
  • 100% online, complete your degree in 24 months
  • Created in partnership with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
  • The program is ideal for health care professionals aspiring to become patient safety and quality leaders and meet the growing demand for quality-based care.


Offered through the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the online MSHS in Health Care Quality teaches students the skills to lead developments in health care quality and patient safety while successfully navigating safety improvement challenges in local and global markets. For those interested in a certificate, GW also offers an online Graduate Certificate in Health Care Quality.


Angel Rivera
MSHS in Health care Quality alumnus, ‘19

Why did you choose your program at the George Washington University (GW)?
“The program and program goals were aligned with leading organizations in the health care quality field. The online format allowed the flexibility I needed to pursue a graduate degree as a military service member at home and abroad.”

What was one of the most valuable learns/experiences that you had during the program?
“During the capstone project, I was guided in putting all the skills we had developed throughout the program into analyzing and improving a particular focus area within my organization. This was aided by the many hours spent exchanging ideas with fellow students in the program who shared their invaluable experience and perspectives. Fellow students not only offered encouragement but respectfully challenged preconceived notions while highlighting areas of strength in research findings.”

Wendy Frisby
MSHS in Health care Quality alumna, ‘17

Why did you choose the program at GW?
“I was influenced by both the reputation of the school and a friend who earned their degree in Health care Quality (HCQ) from GW and who personally recommended the program.”

Describe your overall experience with the GW faculty?
“Excellent. The faculty was great overall. They are knowledgeable, caring and provide a variety of accessible instructional methods to learn the curriculum of the program.”

A Message About this Program by Sabrina Figueiredo, PhD - Program Director for Health Care Quality Programs at GW.